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When stains penetrate the teeth in your smile, from tobacco use, or the frequent consumption of dark beverages, it can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance. While you might be tempted to try using the whitening products sold in stores, chances are good they will leave you dissatisfied.

In a situation like this, the wisest course of action is to schedule a whitening consultation at Associates in Dentistry in Enfield, Connecticut. The years of experience and extensive training our dentists have received can help you find the safest method for whitening your smile.

In most cases, this calls for your dentist to administer a dental bleaching treatment. The potent whitening agents they use can effectively remove stains from deep within tooth enamel without risking harm to your teeth or gums. The treatment begins by applying a special gel or a rubber dam to protect your gums. A small amount of concentrated bleaching gel is then poured into trays that are inserted into your mouth. This will penetrate the pores on your tooth enamel and dissipate the set-in stain particles.

Next, the trays will be held in your mouth for a few minutes, along with a gentle suction wand. The total length of the bleaching process will vary depending on how deeply stained your teeth are. A special ultraviolet light might also be used to brighten any minor trouble areas.

If you live in the Enfield, Connecticut area and are struggling with a stained or unsightly smile, we invite you to call 860-745-2712 and schedule your whitening consultation with our Associates in Dentistry team. Our experienced dentists, Drs. Alexander Zubkov, Eric Jacobs, Sunny Park, and Joshua Lomke look forward to helping you achieve the confident smile you deserve!