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Did you know it is possible to create and place a permanent dental crown in a single dental visit? This isn’t feasible with all dental crowns, but CEREC® dental technology has made same-day dentistry a possibility for patients who have broken or damaged teeth. We are pleased to provide CEREC dental crowns so that our patients can receive stronger and more attractive teeth in as little as one appointment with our dentist.

CEREC dental crowns look and function like regular dental restorations, covering teeth from the cusps to the gum line in order to protect and improve the dental structure. Teeth that receive CEREC crowns have the ability to be better protected as well as appear more aesthetic. CEREC technology enables its crowns to be fully customized to mimic the shape, size, and color of the original tooth or look even better. Because CEREC crowns are milled right in our office, we can ensure it meets your exact needs and preferences before you go home.

The process of placing traditional dental crowns often requires the use of hard and ill-fitted temporary dental crowns to cover the teeth while an off-site dental lab creates the permanent dental restorations based on impressions of your mouth. Because our CEREC crowns can be created in our office, you can receive an accurately fitted dental crown in as little as one appointment without the need to wear uncomfortable temporary crowns. CEREC crowns are very durable and can last longer than a decade before needing repairs and replacements, despite daily use and normal wear and tear.

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