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A risk assessment may be needed to determine your oral health care status. In order to ensure your smile can be safe from oral accidents or dental damage, it is important to make sure that you are not taking any unnecessary risks or leaving yourself vulnerable to various forms of dental damage. In some cases, you may be vulnerable and susceptible to oral health issues such as gum disease and not even know it.

Gum disease is a serious oral health ailment in which gum tissues become infected. In order to have it treated properly, it is important to make the necessary changes in your life to help prevent it from occurring. Not only can you adjust cleaning habits that you may have, but lifestyle changes can also greatly reduce your risk for gum disease. However, genetics also plays a key role in the rise of gum disease. Genetics can even make individuals up to 6 times more likely to suffer from the disease. Hormonal changes, especially in women and young girls, as well as pregnancy or the presence of diabetes, can also increase your risk for gum disease.

Numerous other risk factors involved in preventing gum disease are linked to your lifestyle choices. Unhealthy habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco can play a key role in the rise of gum disease. In addition, medications are often known to produce dry mouth as a side effect, which is a known risk factor for gum disease. In addition, a lack of proper oral health care and a refusal to visit your dentist for necessary oral health check-ups and professional cleanings can greatly increase the odds that you will suffer from gum disease.

The most amazing smiles and oral health care routines begin with gum disease prevention. If you would like to set up an appointment with Dr. Alexander Zubkov at our dentist office in Enfield, Connecticut for gum disease prevention, please call us at 860-745-2712. Our team at Zubkov Dental looks forward to keeping your oral health in peak condition.