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The loss of several teeth in a row often calls for a removable dental appliance if you want to regain the function of your smile. Zubkov Dental is proud to offer custom-made partial dentures to replace lost teeth by effectively filling tooth gaps. The placement of a partial denture can impact your life in many ways, and it’s helpful to know what to expect from your appliance.

Custom made to appear as natural teeth, partial dentures are a row of artificial teeth secure to a pink base that looks like gums, and it remains firmly in place by clasping to the neighboring teeth. You may experience a period of adjustment to your partial denture in the following ways:

– A partial denture can feel bulky, and you will need to give your mouth time to accept the new teeth as part of your smile.

– Some patients need a little practice before they become pros at inserting and removing the dental appliance, and it may take a few tries before the process is second nature. You should also be careful when inserting the appliance so that you don’t bite down on it.

– The specific instructions you receive from our dentist can help you keep partial denture in good shape and know how long you will need to wear the partial denture each day.

– Your diet after receiving a partial denture should consist of small bites of soft foods so that your mouth can become comfortable with its new teeth. You can eventually upgrade to other foods that are larger and more solid.

– Some words, and even speaking in general, may be difficult for a while, but you can quickly regain your speaking skills if you read aloud on a daily basis and practice tricky words.

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