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APRF (Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin) Treatment is an advanced technology that helps the body heal wounds, including any dental surgery. This is accomplished by using the patient's own blood, that is drawn in our office, and then extracting rich leukocytes, fibrin, and platelets. These are the key ingredients for initiating the healing process.

APRF gives your body the building blocks it needs to heal faster. It is used for extraction sites / sockets, dental implants, periodontal surgeries, to accelerate bone and gum formation, and more.

In addition to oral surgeries such as sinus lifts, ridge augmentation, and bone grafting, APRF has many additional clinical applications. It can help speed up recovery with bone defects caused by cysts or infections, extractions, and trauma to skin - APRF has even been known to regrow hair!

We are proud to offer APRF to our patients not only because of the many benefits, but because it also represents our commitment to innovation in dentistry.

If you're scheduled for APRF, please drink 2 liters of water a day for 3 days in advance of surgery to keep your body hydrated.