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Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are used to fill a gap from one to multiple missing teeth in a row. This restores function and esthetics allowing you to chew more comfortably without damaging any more teeth. Additionally, your smile will look more complete and better than ever.

Dental bridges are anchored in place with custom-fit dental crowns that are anchored to adjacent teeth or implants. The crowns are important as they will ensure that your teeth stay in place without moving or shifting for years to come. One or two visits is typically all that is required to restore function, health, and beauty to your smile with a dental bridge.

Dental bridges are recommended for the following:

  1. To restore function such as speaking, eating, and chewing
  2. Reduction of stress on your bite
  3. Overall improvement of shape and volume of your face
  4. Removal of uncomfortable partial dentures
  5. Prevention of shifting, moving, loosening of existing teeth
  6. Enhancement of the appearance of your smile