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Scaling and Root Planing

We may recommend scaling and root planing, also known as deep cleaning, to treat periodontal (gum) disease. These two procedures together are more in-depth than typical teeth cleaning. The entire procedure usually takes more than one visit to treat chronic periodontal disease based on the severity of the problem. They help stop the harmful effects of gum disease and receding gums.

Periodontal or gum disease occurs when bacteria in plaque causes your gums to pull away from your teeth, forming pockets. These pockets, if left untreated, allow more and more bacteria to grow. Traditional brushing will not be able to reach the bacteria and so damage to your teeth occurs.

Chronic gum disease affects almost half of the population over the age of 30. Causes can include:

  1. Poor dental hygiene
  2. Smoking
  3. Aging
  4. Changes in hormones
  5. Poor nutrition
  6. Family history
  7. Other medical conditions

Symptoms include:

  1. Bleeding gums
  2. Inflamed, red, or tender gums
  3. Bad breath
  4. Shifting permanent teeth
  5. A change in your bite

Scaling and root planing will help keep the bacteria away from your teeth, enabling you to have a healthy and happy smile.